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Are you looking for an apartment for a customer colleague or business partner? Recently Iambnb offers a service for companies to arrange this. We have listed the advantages for you.

  1. Only the advantages of Airbnb, not the disadvantages

Because of  our experience with Airbnb and our extensive web of apartments in Amsterdam, we are always able to find an apartment that fits your demands. Because we arrange the cleaning service, the bedsheets and the contact with the guests, we are able to guarantee high standards. We take away the risks that exist for booking an apartment with Airbnb and therefore offer a professional and authentic alternative to hotels. 

2. We can arrange the full proces, without any extra costs for you. 

We offer to take away the full process from finding the right apartment to welcome your guests: one phone call or email is sufficient to get us started. Because we already earn our money from the services that we offer to the owner of the house and we value reliable, regular customers. 

3. Everything we do is legal

Renting apartments with Airbnb is a rapidly growing and changing market. We are convinced that it will be a sustainable alternative for hotels and short stay accommodations, only if there are clear rules and they are obeyed. In order to achieve this, we work together with the local government and make sure that, also for you, everything happens according to the law.

Interested to work together with us? Fill in the form on this page or call us on 020-2600047 

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