frequently asked questions

What is Iamb&b?
Iamb&b helps you to rent out your home during your holiday or to manage your bed&breakfast. We take care of everything. We advertise your home on Airbnb, take care of all the communication with the guests, arrange a welcoming check-in, clean your house and use our experience to optimize the listing.

We use our own linen and arrange everything during the stay of the guests. You can enjoy your holiday while earning money out of your hammock.

Where do I sign up?
If you want Iambnb to help rent your house, you can sign up right here. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Is this legal?
Yes, Iamb&b thinks that is important to follow the rules and will rent out your house in a responsible way. We do not work with illegal hotels. You can read more about the rules in Amsterdam here (in Dutch).  Please note different rules apply in different cities, but our international team will be glad to assist you if you have questions. 

What do I have to do?
To make sure that the rental is as smooth as possible, we need just a few things from you. We need you to make a personal profile on Airbnb, three sets of keys, and a filled in application form with us. That’s it. After that we take care of everything.

Where do I leave my personal and valuable belongings?
It is best to keep them in one closet or room. It is preferred that you have the possibility to lock this room or closet. 

What are the costs?
You do not pay any start-up costs, no intake fee and no monthly fee. We charge a fee of 20% (excl. tax) of the revenue and charge a cleaning fee to the guests. This means that you don’t have any financial risk. 

What are the fiscal consequences of holiday rentals?
You have to pay taxes on money you earn. How much you have to pay depends on the situation and the city or country that you live in. Iamb&b has specialized accountants for holiday rentals and we can offer a first appointment without any further obligations.

My home is a rental house. Can I rent it out with Iamb&b?
Yes you can. You do need permission from your landlord however.

Am I ensured from scams and/or vandalism?
Because we advertise our apartments on Airbnb, you are automatically insured up to €800.000 in case of damage to your belongings or in the rare case to theft and vandalism.
In some cases your household insurance is valid, but you will have to check this with you insurance company.

What to do in case of nuisance?
First off all we will do everything to prevent disturbance to you neighbors. We screen the guests before we let them into your house on reviews, purpose of stay, passport check etc.
Inform your neighbors beforehand, such that in case of nuisance, they can contact us. We can then act immediately to take care of the situation, make sure your neighbors will be happy and you can go on with enjoying your holiday. 

Which booking channels does Iamb&b use to advertise my house?
We can advertise your house on more than 20 platforms but in most cases we just advertise on Airbnb.  Airbnb gives us the possibility to contact the guests before they book. This helps us to screen the guests.

Which linen does Iambnb have?
We have a pillowcase, duvet and mattress cover. We have towels and dishtowel. We only need you to provide sheets and pillows. 

What is the difference between Airbnb and Iamb&b?
Iamb&b is a complementary service, we are not a booking channel and do not compete with Airbnb. Airbnb and Iamb&b benefit from each other without having an official agreement.

Where can I go for other question?
We are open everyday 09:30 till 17:30, also in the weekends and you can reach us on 020-2600047. You can always sent an email to

We always aim for a response time of less than 24h.