Why should I rent out my house with lamb&b?

Because our long experience in renting out homes, we know exactly what the best way is to do this. We arrange everything  around it so you can relax during your holiday. (and make some money)
We create the listing, take care of all the contact with the guests and provide an excellent check-in. We clean the house and provide our own linens and towels for the guests. In addition you earn up to an average of 40% more with your house. The only way you will notice that we've rented out your house, is from your bank account.

How can I earn up to 40% more with lamb&b?
At Iamb&b we only earn money when you earn money. The more you earn, the more we earn and that is why we specialized ourselfes in pricing. We have developed our own pricing tools and receive good reviews from guests. We can place your ad on multiple channels. Research has shown that we earn between 5% and 138% more than customers earned by themselves or with our competitors.

How do I sign up?
Very simple, sign up on our website or call +3120-2600047.

What does Iamb&b need from me?
Not much. We will drop by to discuss your needs and how we work, answer all your questions and to fill out a questionnaire. Furthermore, we ask three sets of keys. If you already have an Airbnb account, we will use your account and listing. We upgrade them and manage them for you. If you don’t have one, we help you to create a new profile.

How much money will I earn?
Revenue from rental can be very good. We are happy to drop by to give you an estimation.

What costs are involved?
You pay no start up costs, no intake fee and no monthly fee.
We charge a fixed percentage of your earnings and charge a cleaning fee to guests for every stay. This means that you have no financial risk. We only make money if you do.


Do I have an insurance when I rent out my house?
You have a theft- vandalism- and liability insurance through Airbnb up to €800,000. Special belongings such as art, cash or pets are excluded from this insurance. In addition, in some cases your household insurance and liability insurance are still active during occasional rental. Always consult the terms and conditions of your insurance.

What do I do with my personal stuff and valuables?
Although you are insured for up to € 800,000, it is always wise to storage valuables- and personal items that have a special value to you. For example, you can use post-its on boxes that are private or buy a lock to close one of your rooms or cabinets. 

What does lamb&b to avoid nuisance?
Thanks to its long experience, Iamb&b knows exactly what guests should and should not be accepted in your home. We screen guests before we accept a booking and you have a say in how strict we are with our selection. We are always on location to welcome the guests and explain them the house rules.

What to do in case of nuisance?
In the unfortunate case of nuisance, we intervene immediately. We are the point of contact for your neighbours. Inform your neighbours beforehand, such that in case of nuisance, they can contact us. If a guest for example, has excluded him or herself and rings the bell at your neighbour, he can contact us and we act immediately to take care of the situation.
This prevents any annoyances for the neighbours and you can continue enjoying your holiday.


Is this legal?
Yes! lamb&b finds it important that your house is rented out responsibly. We do not work with illegal hotels and do everything according to the rules. You can find the explanation of the rules of the municipality of Amsterdam here.

What are the tax consequences of vacation rental?
You have to pay taxes for the money that you earn. The situation is different in each case, but Iamb&b has an excellent tax lawyer who is specialized in vacation rentals and offers a free service call to make sure you understand the procedure. 

What are the rules for holiday rentals according to the municipality of Amsterdam?
To rent out your home, you must meet a few requirements:

Approval of the proprietor or HOA
- Rental is only possible if you are the owner or if you have permission from the landlord. Property owners in a Homeowners Association (HOA), must request prior approval from the HOA.

Fire safety
- Your home must answer to the necessary fire safety requirements in the interests of the temporary tenants and your neighbour. More information about taking fire safety measures can be found on the website of the fire department.

Up to 4 people
- You cannot rent our your house to more than four people at the same time.

Pay taxes
- Like all other accommodation providers that offer overnight stays in Amsterdam fee, you have to pay tax.

At the first meeting Iamb&b will inspect if the house is safe and suitable for holiday rental. We will never rent homes to more than four people at a time and we will advise you on your desired income and tax.
In this way we work together to ensure that the house is rented out by the rules.

Click here for the website of the municipality (in Dutch).

I rent a house. Can I rent it out by lamb&b?
As long as you have permission from your landlord there is is no problem. Please note that social housing should not be used for short-term rentals in most cases.


Through which channels does lamb&b advertise my home?
For each property we look in consultation with you which booking channels we are going to use to offer your home. We can advertise on more than 40 different channels, but usually prefer to request channels, in order to screen the guests properly.

What is the difference between Airbnb and lamb&b?
Iamb&b is an additional service, we are not a booking channel and do not compete with Airbnb, instead, Airbnb and lamb&b benefit each other without there being in a formal partnership.

Is it Iambnb or lamb&b?
We have changed our name in November 2015 from Iambnb to lamb&b to clarify the difference between Airbnb and lamb&b.